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Helping individuals move through change, from birth and beyond — this is the goal of my work with children, teens, adults, and couples. Whether the change you're looking for is in your relationship with your child, parent, partner, or yourself, if you feel that you've tried many options but continue to feel stuck, you're ready to seek help, and I'm ready to provide it.

Life is a series of transitions in which relationships shift, the past intervenes with the present, and stressful or traumatic events alter life views and expectations. Combining compassion, reflection, creativity, and humor, I will help you navigate the path toward a new direction.

Regardless of how I connect with others — providing one-on-one in-person therapy, facilitating groups, giving educational presentations, in print, by phone, on radio, over video calls like Skype, both in the United States and overseas — my intent is the same: to provide the very best of me to you, my training, skills, experience, and ongoing learning, in the service of your own continual learning and growth.

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