MHP Guide Kimochis® Feeling Pillows Guide: Activities for Mental Health Professionals to Help Children Process and Regulate Big Feelings

Kimochis feeling pillows offer a hands-on, playful and interactive way to help children explore feelings. This activity guide elevates the feeling pillows to a therapeutic intervention that provides novel ways to help children process and regulate BIG emotions.


card gameYour Move! Card Game

This interactive family card game is made up of fact and feeling questions designed to elicit communication among families, helping them to think, talk about, and plan/prepare for their upcoming move and the adjustment process involved in the move (ages 6–Teen).


Look Who's Moving To a New Home!Look Who's Moving to a New Home!

This beautiful keepsake album addresses a young school-age child's excitement, anticipation, anxiety, and limited understanding of what it really means to relocate to a new neighborhood, school, and home (ages 3–7).


calendarOur Move! Calendar

This inviting calendar helps young children "see" what is happening as they prepare to move to a new home and engages their curiosity about the experience (ages 4–10).


R-TEP guidesR-TEP Quick Guide

For clinicians trained in the R-TEP technique, this is a simple, clear, information-packed tool to use as a useful reminder of the protocol steps whenever needed.

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